A Zogby poll, commissioned by Allegheny College’s Center for Political Participation, finds that 95 percent of Americans believe civility to be vital in effective political discourse, among some other interesting tidbits:

# A whopping 95 percent of Americans believe civility in politics is important for a healthy democracy.

# 87 percent suggest it is possible for people to disagree about politics respectfully.

# Nearly 50 percent of Americans believe there has been a decline in the tone of politics since Barack Obama became President; 39 percent say it has remained the same; and 10 percent suggest there has been an improvement.

# Citizens paying close attention to politics are four times as likely to say the tone of politics has gotten worse than those who pay only modest attention to the news.

# Radio listeners are much more likely to perceive a decline in civility than are newspaper readers.

# Blame for the decline in civility is spread widely, but political parties and the media are seen as the worst culprits.

# Liberals are twice as likely to promote compromise solutions, than are conservatives.

The full report can be accessed here.