One of the more refreshing events over the past couple weeks has been the formation of a new party, perhaps a movement, in the United States. A big welcome to the Coffee Party, an interesting reaction to the recent focus on the Tea Party’s rise in 2009.

Annabel Park, the founder of the The Coffee Party started the organization out of frustration about the nature of our political discourse these days. The health care debate is a perfect example of the kind of gridlock that frustrated Annabel and restricts us from pursuing the common good. Annabel is sure to state the organization’s aversion to pundits, advisers, and lobbyists, explaining that the recent surge in popularity is simply a spontaneous event created by Americans tired of solutions being left unsolved.

One way the Coffee Party is moving forward is in the planning of “Coffee Parties,” a caffeine-fueled play on meetups organized throughout the nation. As of now, the Coffee Party has encouraged its followers to hold their parties on March 13 to sustain its rising national momentum.

I am looking forward to seeing how the Coffee Party might be able to sustain this momentum and restore some sane, level-headed discussion to our politics.