I loved reading this comment on a New York Times blog post on the climate crisis:

Young people must act responsibly now because their elders are abjectly failing to do so.

“Anything goes” to save the global political economy in our time. Greed not “green” rules absolutely. Ideological idiocy “swift-boats” science. Not nearly enough is being done to save the Earth as fit place for the children to inhabit.

We are witnessing the acute abandonment of intellectual honesty and moral courage on a scale that is unmatched in human history and duplicitously “underwritten” by wealthy, self-proclaimed Masters of the Universe in a not-so-great generation of many too many psychologically disordered leaders and minions who are choosing to pose as if they are willfully blind, hysterically deaf and religiously mute rather than accept their responsibilities to do what is possible to save the planet from their patently unsustainable plundering, polluting, hyperconsuming and hoarding? What a shame it is for a single arrogant, extremely foolish and avaricious generation of leading elders to behave so selfishly and irresponsibly and, by so doing, drop a colossal, human-caused ecological wreckage for which the elders are largely responsible into the laps of children everywhere.

It’s not the health care bill that’s going to crush our young people. It’s the selfishness exhibited among many of America’s most influential elders.