The federal government’s workforce will be much larger out of necessity in three years according to a government survey.

…The survey makes clear that the majority of new hires will be needed in five broad fields — medical, security, law enforcement, legal and administrative.

Mission-critical jobs are those positions identified by the agencies as being essential for carrying out their services. The study estimates that the federal government will need to hire nearly 600,000 people for all positions over President Obama’s four years — increasing the current workforce by nearly one-third.

The medical and public health area is most in need of hires, according to the study. Stier described the Department of Veterans Affairs as a “dramatic example” of an agency with pressing needs, as a result of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. VA, according to the report, will need more than 48,000 hires over the next three years, including 19,000 nurses and 8,500 physicians.

There are a few implications here.  One is the obvious: Millennials will enjoy far greater representation in the federal bureacuracy, potentially leading to a new flavor of government.  This leads to the next consequence — the federal gov’t could be in a position to increasingly adopt new technologies with minimal training, given the technological proficiency of many youth.  Yes, many more young people than you’d think can barely turn on a computer, but those applying for federal jobs should be reasonably equipped with technical skills.