NBC News’s First Read, one of the bastions of inside-the-beltway conventional wisdom, actually makes a wise observation. Emphasis is added.

Yet getting something done increasingly looks like it will happen via reconciliation, which would require a simple majority in the Senate versus a filibuster-proof majority. And it also looks like it will get done without much help from Republicans. Chuck Grassley’s recent comments, as well as Mike Enzi’s weekend GOP radio address, really don’t suggest that these guys are negotiating in good faith. But ask yourself this question: Do voters ever remember HOW legislation is passed, or do they simply remember if policy is enacted or NOT enacted?

Thank you. (The answer would be NO – they don’t remember.) Not when it’s something this country needs. Rather, in 2080, when children are reading their history reading assignments on their Mac invisi-screens linked to their own hovertrons, they’ll hopefully be reading about the courage summoned by the Obama-led Democrats to vote for universal health care legislation.