Joe Sestak can’t make up his mind as to whether or not he will challenge Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) in a primary election.

This morning Sestak made a big splash by telling a local paper, The Wayne Independent, that he would definitely enter the race. “I am going to get into the race against Arlen Specter,” Sestak said, in what was billed as the first media interview in a barnstorm tour of all of Pennsylvania’s counties.

But Sestak spokesperson Jonathon Dworkin tells me that in fact, Sestak has not made a final decision. Dworkin says Sestak told the paper what he’s been saying to everyone else: He’s still talking to his family about whether to run.

This follows a long pattern of Sestak publicly deliberating the possibility of challenging Specter that started when Specter became a Democrat at the end of April.

Sestak’s not exactly putting his best foot forward. For a man who is upset with Specter because he’s lacking principles, Sestak’s annoying “Am I or aren’t I?” act is hardly a pleasing alternative. This behavior suggests that Sestak’s ego isn’t any less intrusive than Specter’s is. Suck it up and make a choice, sheesh.