In the most recent CBS News and New York Times survey, the Republican Party gains the least amount of support it ever has in the survey’s 25 year history.

Only 31 percent of respondents expressed support for the GOP, beating the 33 percent a few times in 2007 and also in 1998, during the Clinton impeachment proceedings.

To me, this goes to show who is actually pursuing the common good in this country, and more so, who is not.  With the Republicans doing everything they could to scare Americans into voting against President Obama and the Democrats, repeatedly dropping the word “socialism” when “liberal” just wasn’t effective, voters still elected Democrats.  Americans obviously want the country to move in a leftward direction; this would mean that Republicans, while certainly within their rights to serve as a healthy opposition, should also be doing what they can to compromise and submitting to the will of the electorate, when appropriate.

Alas, the GOP apparently has no clue what pragmatism is.  And as a result, we’re left to wonder how much lower the poll numbers have to go before Republicans get a clue.