I am at the Houston airport on a layover and reading through various articles I missed while I was in Gulfport, MS for an Alternative Spring Break trip.

The Huffington Post points something out that I thought was a good reiteration of the dissonance going on within the Republican Party regarding government and the average citizen’s opinion of it.

CONSERVATIVES STILL DELUDING THEMSELVES: Despite the clear shift in American attitudes towards progressive values and governance, conservatives are clinging to the myth that the American public agrees with them. In his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, hate radio talker Rush Limbaugh bellowed that “we’re not a minority” and that President Obama’s progressive agenda was an “assault” on America “from within.” On MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), claimed that Republicans were “fired” because the American people were tired of big government. But as Halpin and Agne demonstrate, American beliefs about government have moved in a progressive direction. Six in 10 Americans believe that “government should do more to promote the common good,” versus 37 percent who feel that “government should do more to promote individual liberty.” Regarding concepts of freedom, the Progressive Studies Program study found that 57 percent believe that “freedom requires economic opportunity and minimum measures of security, such as food, housing, medical care and old age protection,” compared to 38 percent who favor the idea that “freedom requires that individuals be left alone to pursue their lives as they please and to deal with the consequences of their actions on their own.”

Pence’s bit about being fired is delusional, but also predictable. It’s the only line the GOP has at this point.

I don’t think the Republicans will taste electoral success in the near future until they can admit that their problems have something to do with demographics rather than being limited to a fault ex-president.