Is there really a question anymore as to what direction the country wants to go? In Daily Kos/Research 2000’s latest weekly tracking poll, the Democrats continue their gradual upticks, while the Congressional Republicans’ approval continues to fall.

President Obama now enjoys a 69 percent approval rating, one point up from last week’s number. Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s approval ratings have each bumped up a point, while Reid also lowered his disapproval rating by a point (Reid’s is at 33 percent, while Pelosi’s is at 43 percent). The overall Democratic Party continues to be popular with Americans, earning a 57 percent approval rating. That gain was absorbed, though, by the one point increase in disapproval rating.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are sinking. McConnell and Boehner do not move at all in the latest poll. McConnell sits at a 23 percent approval rating, while Boehner sits at a 17 percent rating. The Congressional Republicans enjoy the lowest amount of support, falling to 18 percent support among Americans (as a comparison, the Congressional Democrats earn a 41 percent approval rating, a bump of two points from last week).

Here’s a visual representation of the congressional numbers, thanks to Daily Kos:

In the echo chamber that surrounds DC, politicians are having trouble, it seems, understanding what the public wants. This poll serves as the latest reminder that they want the Democrats to take charge.

Who cares if the Republicans are united? They have the lowest number of representatives in over a decade, and their agenda was obliterated by voters in November and in November 2006.