Bloomberg’s story on the Obama administration’s failure to pick a full cabinet leaves me agreeing with the author.

The delays go beyond Cabinet posts and have been most damaging at the Treasury Department, where Secretary Timothy Geithner is the only Senate-confirmed appointment. Among the missing: a deputy secretary, an administrator for the bank- bailout program, undersecretaries for domestic finance and international affairs, and a general counsel.

In such a financial mess, why would we leave these positions open?  I understand that there are some spots we really need to be picky about, but wouldn’t you think at least a few of those positions would be filled, so that we’re not just relying on Geithner?

The other vacant I’m disappointed about is Health and Human Services.  That department forms a key cog in Obama’s domestic agenda.  And while Daschle’s demise was unexpected, I would think the Obama administration would be moving faster there than they have already.