At least that’s what conservative Matt Lewis is hearing.

… In other news, I am hearing rumors coming out of Ohio that Senator Voinovich is seriously considering making an announcement next week that he won’t be running for re-election. According to my sources, Rob Portman would likely be the Republican to replace him. This also opens up the GOP gubernatorial nomination for former Republican Congressman John Kasich.

If Voinovich decides to retire, Ohio would have a startlingly good chance to solidify its blue status.  Congressman Tim Ryan would be a leading candidate on the Democratic side, along with Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and Congresswoman Betty Sutton.  In reality, though, the Democratic bench is deep.  Portman might do well in SW Ohio, as he served down there, and the area is already conservative anyway.  But Portman and Kasich may be old news for Ohio voters.

Interesting stuff.

(h/t to Jonathan Singer at MyDD)