The Illinois State House impeached governor Rod Blagojevich today by a 114-1 vote.

The Illinois House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to impeach Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich on Friday morning on the grounds of abuse of power as the state’s chief executive. He is the first governor in Illinois’s history to be impeached, and his case now goes to the state Senate for trial.

The House deliberated less than an hour and a half before voting 114 to 1 to oust the governor, just one day after a 21-member House investigative committee unanimously recommended impeachment. The only member to vote against impeachment was Milton Patterson, a Democrat from Chicago. No one spoke up to defend Mr. Blagojevich.


The investigative committee that had recommended impeachment on Thursday cited what it called a pattern of rampant abuse of power by Mr. Blagojevich. Legislators on the committee spent Friday morning persuading the full House to endorse its findings and vote to impeach him.

I can’t wait for this story to be over. But, this does need to be done, as the people’s business needs to be rediscovered in the middle of this recession.