Yes, it has been a while.  And I realize that taking a month off a blog on politics immediately preceding one of the most electrifying moments in political history seems a bit ridiculous, so I apologize.

I was still writing for my gig at Future Majority, but I underestimated how much time my job takes, and so I neglected my writing on here more than I thought.

With Obama’s victory last night, I believe we’re closer to a politics of the common good than we’ve been anytime this decade.  We have a president-elect now who believes in the goodness of each person and believes it’s a good thing when people get involved in the governance of their country.  When I thought about this last night and today, it spurred me to write here again and make sure I keep writing.

So, thanks for your patience.  After a long break from this site, I’ll be writing again.  While it may be too Reaganesque to say that it feels like morning in this country again, I certainly do feel refreshed.