Quite a bit different from P Diddy’s work in 2004.

This year, in an effort to mobilize voters in this historic presidential election, Usher launched the “I Can’t But You Can” voter registration campaign geared towards youth ages 17 and under. This nationwide campaign began this summer in Atlanta with 350 youth registering nearly 1,000 new voters. The Campaign will be expanded to 8 cities simultaneously on September 27th and is projected to educate more than 4,000 youth and register 17,000 new voters nationally.

In conjunction with ServiceNation’s Day of Action ( www.servicenation.org), the “I Can’t But You Can” Campaign will host voter registration rallies and drives in cities across the US on September 27th. Participating cities include: Atlanta, Boston, Kansas City (KS), Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, New Orleans and Oakland. At the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, the USC Marching Band will perform, MTV’s Quddus will serve as Emcee for the Voter Registration Rally while KIIS-FM’s DJ Drew will get the crowd pumping. All across the nation, we’re engaging youth to make certain their voices are heard on Election Day!

“This is such a historic election that I wanted to find a way to give youth 17 and under a voice,” says Usher. “I wanted young people to understand, that this election does impact their life. It affects the type of education they receive, if they’ll receive healthcare when they’re sick and if they’ll have help getting into college.”

Count me as a fan.  I like that Usher is 1.) spreading the word that one does not have to be able to vote to be politically engaged, and 2.) reaching young people even earlier in their lives than most GOTV campaigns.  Also, when you think about it, many of those young people too young to vote in this election will certainly want to vote in the next election after registering voters during this cycle.

The more politically engaged young people we have now, the better citizenry we’ll have in the future.