I was watching McCain give his speech last night, and I found myself wondering what the hell was on the screen behind him:

To me, it looked like a mansion at first glance.  I chalked it up to McCain’s campaign being out of touch, and yes — not realizing that a stately mansion might not be the best thing to put behind a candidate that already has eight of them.

But then I started reading that other people had noticed this too, and they decided to look into it.  TPM probably has the best recap here.

This building, it turns out, is not a mansion.  It is Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, California.  And you’re probably wondering “What on earth?”  Yeah.  Me too.  But it gets even better.

TPM readers point out what probably happened:

Late Update: I’m surprised this hadn’t occurred to me. But several readers have suggested that perhaps one of the tech geeks charged with setting up the audio/visual bells and whistles for the evening was tasked with getting pictures of Walter Reed Army Medical Center but goofed and got this instead. At first I thought, No, that’s ridiculous. This is a major political party with big time professionals putting this together. Nothing is left to chance. I mean, is this the RNC or a scene out Spinal Tap or Waiting for Guffman? I still have a bit of a hard time believing they’re quite that incompetent. But when you figure in what appears to be the utter lack of any logic for this school being behind McCain and the fact that it has ‘Walter Reed’ in its name, I’m really not sure you can discount this possibility.

Could it really be that the McCain campaign, running on “Country First” and McCain’s heroic experiences in the military, get one of the strongest symbols of military heroism wrong on the biggest stage of this campaign to date?

In case you wondered, the McCain campaign has no comment.