With the two political conventions occurring so late this election cycle, we’re left with an approximate 60 day sprint to Election Day.

The Obama/Biden camp gets to step back on to centerstage today, as the RNC is over.  I think the first thing we can probably look for is the campaign to reach out to its female surrogates to repair any damage that may have been done by Sarah Palin’s speech the other night.  Kathleen Sebelius, Claire McCaskill, and oh yeah — Hillary Clinton, will probably take on big roles in this effort.  The Obama campaign does not have to point out Palin’s lack of experience as the media has been doing this for them, and recent ABC News poll numbers indicate that this effort has been successful:  about half of those polled believe Palin does not have enough experience to be Vice President.  The Obama campaign will probably move things back to McCain as much as they have, and if they bring up Palin at all, they’ll use it to highlight McCain’s questionable judgment and reckless decision-making tendencies.  They’ll also probably target the “Country First” theme, and use the economy to knock the legs out from under it.

The McCain/Palin camp will try to salvage momentum from a convention that seems to have climaxed a day too early with Palin’s speech.  Many pundits weighing in have dubbed McCain’s speech to be rather mediocre, especially after coming off Palin’s fiery speech the night before.  The problem is that McCain was mediocre and he still didn’t give any specific details about what a McCain presidency would look like.  There were the standard lies about Obama not working across aisles and Obama raising everyone’s taxes, but those have been debunked time and time again this summer.  So in reality, the only substance to the speech was McCain discussing his time in Vietnam as a prisoner of war.  And while heroic, you can only talk about that for so long in a speech designed to explain to the electorate why they should vote for you.

The latest Gallup daily tracking poll has Obama/Biden up 49-42; Palin’s speech will be impacting today’s tracking poll, to be released this afternoon.  Keep an eye out for that.