The reviews have come in, and everyone seems to agree that Sarah Palin gave a good speech.  I would agree with that too.

But I would disagree that it will appeal to many Americans.  I don’t think it will at all, because it was too angry.  And it’s not the kind of anger Americans are feeling right now.

Americans are angry because the quality of life in this country has decreased under the rule of George W. Bush.  We have a man running for office who agreed with Bush 90 percent of the time.  When I was in school, that was an A-.  So this man then hastily chooses someone who maybe five percent of Americans knew prior to her selection, and she proceeds to slice and dice Barack and Michelle Obama?  It’s just the wrong kind of anger.

Yes, Palin is interesting. She eats mooseburgers.  She has an Eskimo husband.  Her kids’ names are peculiar.  But when it comes down to it, she doesn’t offer any substance.  All she offers is the wrong kind of anger — red meat for the Republican base that, last I checked, made up 27%  of everyone in the country.

Palin did well last night.  But it was one speech on one night of the campaign.  As we find out more about her, I think we’ll discover how ridiculously rushed this choice really was.