Yes, more on Palin.

We’ve heard John McCain rail against “pork,” the large local projects whose funding is proposed in Congress by local congressmen and congresswomen.  Here’s an example from this past Sunday, on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: And so step back and in less programmatic terms and more in sort of conceptual terms give us an overview. How would the McCain presidency be different from the Bush presidency?

MCCAIN: Well, the first thing we would do is rein in spending. I mean, we’ve got to veto all of these pork barrel bills. We would eliminate pork barrel and earmark spending. We would seriously and comprehensively address the issue of climate change.

I wonder if this topic came up in the one conversation he had with Palin before asking her to serve with him on the Republican ticket?  And if it did, I wonder if she withheld information like she’s been doing with many other things these days?  She sure came out in support of McCain’s crusade against pork and earmarks, as this story in the Washington Post notes:

In introducing Palin as his running mate on Friday, Sen. John McCain cast her as a compatriot in his battle against wasteful federal spending. McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, hailed Palin as a politician “with an outstanding reputation for standing up to special interests and entrenched bureaucracies — someone who has fought against corruption and the failed policies of the past, someone who’s stopped government from wasting taxpayers’ money.”

McCain’s crusade against earmarks — federal spending sought by members of Congress to benefit specific projects — has been a hallmark of his campaign. He has said earmarks are wasteful and are often inserted into bills with little oversight, sometimes by a single powerful lawmaker.

Palin has also railed against earmarks, touting her opposition to a $223 million bridge in the state as a prime credential for the vice presidential nomination. “As governor, I’ve stood up to the old politics-as-usual, to the special interests, to the lobbyists, the big oil companies, and the good-ol’-boy network,” she said Friday

But, of course, you know what’s coming.  Get ready for it… yes, the inevitable flip to the flop, thanks to the same Washington Post story, aptly titled “Palin’s Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds.”

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin employed a lobbying firm to secure almost $27 million in federal earmarks for a town of 6,700 residents while she was its mayor, according to an analysis by an independent government watchdog group.

There was $500,000 for a youth shelter, $1.9 million for a transportation hub, $900,000 for sewer repairs, and $15 million for a rail project — all intended to benefit Palin’s town, Wasilla, located about 45 miles north of Anchorage.

Methinks the McCain campaign wishes they did a better job of vetting.