Watch for Obama to hit on this over and over and over again.  It’s his way of putting pressure on the “historic” ticket of McCain/Palin:

“John McCain’s new VP nominee seems like a very engaging person, a nice person,” Obama started to say during a town hall in Toledo, OH, “But I’ve got to say, she’s opposed like John McCain is to equal pay for equal work. That doesn’t make much sense to me.”

Senator Obama recalled the story he tells often: of his grandmother starting of in a secretarial pool and then working her way up the ranks to become VP of a bank.

“But even with all she accomplished, she was still passed over repeatedly because it was hard being a woman in the 60s and the 70s, being a path breaker like that,” Obama concluded, “And I’ve got two daughters and when I think about them, I say to myself, I want to make sure that those girls have exactly the same opportunities as anybody’s sons will. That’s why we’re gonna fight for equal pay for equal work.”

The reporter goes on to point out that Obama’s campaign has no indications that Palin herself has not been for the issue in the past, but the Obama campaign rightly points out that as long as she agreed to be on the same ticket as McCain, she adopts his stance against equal pay for women.

If Palin is so interested in breaking glass ceilings, why is she trying her best to keep it from falling apart?