Don’t you think this gem of a quote is a bit weird coming from our president today considering all that has happened in the past five years?

“Russia has invaded a sovereign neighbouring state…. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century…. We have no doubts about it. This is a deliberate attempt to destroy an entire country and change the regime.”

He isn’t that stupid, is he?

This is the main problem with everything that’s happened with Russia and Georgia in the past week.  Clear back in 2004, this is what Kerry was arguing, albeit clumsily.

We have no credibility with the world.  We have no way, stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, of backing up our hypocritical words.  This, along with the lives lost in the war, is the true cost of Iraq.

So now we’re watching Russia invade Georgia, a nation we wined and dined, a nation who offered their troops to the Iraq disaster.  Not only is our hypocrisy harming our foreign policy; thousands of Georgians are expecting action from the United States based on our actions over the past few years.  But this week, the curtain falls down, and Georgians are seeing that we used them.

The biggest failure of the Bush foreign policy is now being made explicit.

UPDATE:  One more thing:  does anyone else think that John McCain’s hawkishness toward Russia is akin to a little kid mad that he already spent his allowance on a piece of candy (Iraq) right before he spotted a candy bar?