While I hesitate to even comment on this as there’s very little to do with the common good in the Edwards situation, I do have one thing I’d like to write about.

His own moral failings aside (not diminishing them), I think the thing that disappoints me the most is that Edwards ran for president in 2008.  Here’s a man who invented the celebrity attack on Obama (lumping Clinton in) as he complained about the lack of attention to issues (and his candidacy).  Issues, he said, that were extremely vital to this country’s future.  “It’s time to be patriotic about something other than war,” he would say, riffing on the issues of poverty and healthcare, pointing out how serious these issues are.  The question I’m left with is, “If the issues were so important — if the future of this country is so important — why did you run for president while trying to hide this?”

Like other political observers tonight, I’m thinking about what might have happened had Edwards been the presumptive nominee.  And like many observers, I’d have to agree that McCain would win the presidency hands down.

I am just puzzled by his chutzpah, or his gall.

Another thing that puzzles me about this is Elizabeth, his wife.  I started feeling extremely sympathetic toward her.  But then I heard the timing of everything.  John had the affair during the year of 2006, and didn’t announce his candidacy until the last month of that year.  Throughout the first part of 2007, and even last summer after she had been notified her cancer had returned, Elizabeth campaigned for the nomination with John knowing that this had happened and knowing what laid ahead for them, for the party, and for the country.

Like most people, I’m shocked, especially since I had been an Edwards supporter in 2004 and 2008.  But towards the end, I saw the writing on the wall; I had a feeling this was coming.  I was more or less hoping it wasn’t true.