It appears very likely that the governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine, is one of the finalists for Obama’s VP choice.

Citing a source who had spoken to senior Obama aides with knowledge of the selection process, Politico reports that Kaine is “very, very high” on Obama’s shortlist and is being thoroughly reviewed as a candidate for the second half of the ticket.

As Politico notes, Kaine’s selection would emphasize Obama’s message of change to distinct demographic groups and the state of Virginia.

Kaine’s position as governor of a state the Obama campaign hopes to make a key battleground and his background as a Spanish-speaking former Catholic missionary and civil rights lawyer make him a strong potential pick.

Kaine could serve as ambassador, his proponents say, to four key groups: Virginians, Catholics, working-class white voters, and Hispanics. (Kaine can be seen in one YouTube video endorsing Obama in proficient Spanish.)

All of this comes after Obama was spotted entering the office of Eric Holder, one of the leaders of Obama’s vetting team.

UPDATE: More background from the Washington Post:

…But several people who have spoken to Kaine directly said he has talked about the seriousness of the possibility. All requested anonymity, citing the campaign’s desire to keep the process secret. One said Kaine has stressed that there are other top candidates but described his discussions with Obama’s campaign as “very serious.”

Two other associates said Kaine’s staff is heavily engaged in providing the background research necessary to allow Obama’s campaign to search for potential political land mines. One source said Kaine chief counsel Larry Roberts is coordinating with Obama’s team. Roberts cold not be reached for comment. Kaine will be in Washington today for his monthly interview on WTOP.