You and your campaign have just had a horrible week and a half, your opponent has left the country, your Iraq policy is almost blown to bits, and then there’s news that your opponent may have a million people at a rally.  What on earth do you do?  Duh!  You visit an oil rig!

While Barack Obama is speaking about international affairs in Germany before thousands of fans tomorrow, John McCain will be talking about a pressing domestic issue with an equally striking if very different backdrop.

Weather permitting, McCain will helicopter from Louisiana to an oil rig in the Gulf Coast to make the case for expanded off-shore drilling, says a McCain aide.

Not only is this the weirdest campaign photo-op since Kerry went windsurfing, but it’s definitely a change of subject.  All of a sudden Mr. National Security can’t stand talking about Iraq any longer.

If this is the best the McCain campaign has to offer, we’ll be seeing a sea of blue in November.

UPDATE: Due to “weather” (and probably an oil spill), McCain has canceled his jaunt to the oil rig.  Instead, he will be speaking at a LIVESTRONG event in Columbus, OH.  Perhaps someone could have told him it was just a weird idea?