Since 1973, American Presidents have been able to deploy troops to anywhere on earth for up to 90 days without consulting Congress.  The War Powers Act, passed over President Nixon’s veto immediately following the Vietnam “Conflict,” was meant to encourage the consultation of Congress in making decisions regarding military action.  But instead, it actually gave presidents more free reign.

Former Secretaries of State James Baker and Warren Christopher have come together to voice support for a new statute that states that the president shall consult with Congress before deploying troops to any combat operations expected to last more than a week.  Consultations with Congress would occur through a 20 member Joint Congressional Consultation Committee with leaders from both parties and chairs and ranking members of relevant committees in both the House and Senate.

Both Baker and Christopher stressed to reporters that the recommendation of the bipartisan commission they co-chaired was not a reaction to the Iraq War.

But if this was in place prior to the mess that ensued, methinks we would be in a much different place right now.  Just sayin’.