Last week Newsweek came out with a poll showing Obama up on McCain by a 51-36 percent margin.  Today’s LA Times poll reflected a similar fifteen point margin when including Ralph Nader and Bob Barr in the field (48-33).  This, more and more, is looking like a potential landslide.  While we’ve seen similar Democratic leads this early squandered by November in the past, there’s a difference.

As Chris Bowers reflects at Open Left today, Obama is acting like he’s going to be the winner (even if it did mean using this ugly seal) and he keeps doing it no matter what the polls show.  He acts like a man in control, and after eight years of you know what, how could the voters not want that?

One more interesting (and awesome) piece to the first Newsweek poll:  66 percent of voters aged 18-39 are choosing Obama.  Only 27 percent are choosing McCain.  The 40-59 and 60+ age groups are even.  Young voters are indeed making a difference.