So this interesting little nugget of information just appeared, thanks to The Field.

This morning, we have been officially informed that Edwards campaign needs the offices back and we must move as of today.

Does that tell you who is going to be the vice-presidential nominee?

Apparently the Edwards campaign had donated its office space to a company upon ending his quest for the White House in January. And they now they want it back.

As a recent poll has shown an Obama/Edwards ticket to be quite competitive, the Edwards people seem to be reestablishing a “war room.” Al Giordano from The Field argues that Edwards’s organization will be needing the space to organize the poverty tour that Obama promised Edwards the past couple of months, and that this tour could be a test run for something bigger.

I think Al is probably not exactly right, but there’s got to be some kind of reason for Edwards to reclaim the office space…

Stay tuned.