My primary goal in creating this blog is to look at a topic that I think will be the defining aspect of our politics over the next several decades — the common good.

Since the 1960s, our American society has been fixed divisive, distracting issues.  Same-sex marriage, abortion, and evolution versus creationism are examples of these conflicts full of many false choices and rich in energy that, if allocated elsewhere in our political dialogue, could accomplish a few things.  There has been limited, at best, emphasis on the common good.  These large ideological squabbles focus on the stroking of egos more than the quality of life improvement many of us need.

In this blog, I’ll be looking at a variety of obstacles we face in getting back to a common good politics.  One struggle may be those candidates running for office.  One might be the media responsible for relaying the messages of those candidates to the voters.  And, of course, one challenge may be the voters themselves, who have been seduced by both the aforementioned candidates and media.

I’ll also examine those signs of hope, such as candidates like Barack Obama, new-age pastors like Rick Warren and Jim Wallis, who preach common good Christianity, and others.  Other signs of progress include the mammoth Millennial generation whose 90 million members largely embrace the concept of the common good in their politics.

I hope to be fairly proficient in publishing so that there is much reading material.  If you’re just stopping by, I do ask that you add to the conversation.  So much about the common good is wrapped up in dialogue — this blog will need that in order to thrive.

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s only the beginning.